Palma, capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca, awaits you! The imposing Cathedral of Santa María, the Almudaina and the medieval castle of Bellver, and the port will surprise you with their charm and beauty. In addition to the many shops where you can go shopping and the historic center where you can walk and admire the city. 

Excursions from € 29. For the little ones (3-12 years) they pay half!


The rose window of the Cathedral of Mallorca, or the Basilica of Santa Maria of Palma de Mallorca, is the largest in the world among European Gothic cathedrals. It measures about 13 meters in diameter and is composed of 1,236 crystals that cause an impressive effect with the light inside the cathedral. In Mallorca this cathedral is known as "La Seu". It was inaugurated in 1226 and is the work of the architect Juan Rubió.